Seven Characters

Stories of how Drexel patents came to be.


The Story of No. 11202645

Every time a surgeon performs open-heart surgery, there are abundant risks. Those hazards multiply when a patient requires repeated cardiac surgeries, whether t... Read More

THE STORY OF NO. 11099089

This Drexel-made dynamometer will be far less costly to produce than existing machines. When Noel Goodstadt arrived at Drexel in 2008 and began w... Read More

The Story of No. 0254,782

Walk on any street in Philadelphia, and you’re walking on layers of history — and pipes. Lots and lots of pipes.
infographic of a wastewater treatment concept

The Story of No. 7419,603

Each day, the United States uses more than 161 billion gallons of water to cool factories, server farms and power plants. Power plant cooling is one of the la... Read More
Diagram of Okamoto's learning system

The Story of No. 9349298

Kline School of Law Professor Karl Okamoto didn’t want to be a talking head. Not when it came to his business law course, a fundamental introductory course fo... Read More
small squares of fabric in a hand

The Story of No. 12/721161

It can take an inventor years to receive an official U.S. patent, usually represented by a seven-digit number (patents pending like this one have eight). But ... Read More

The Story of No. 14/241,709

When most people think of “ultrasound,” they think babies. For Peter A. Lewin, the Richard B. Beard distinguished university professor in the School of Biome... Read More

The Story of No. 8908787

The inspiration for U.S. Pat. No. 8908787 came to Kapil Dandekar in 2002 while he was watching reruns of “Terminator 2,” the 1991 film in which Robert Patrick p... Read More

The Story of No. 7497133

Wan Shih has to pause and think for a bit to tally up all of her patents. Over a quarter century as a researcher at Drexel — where she has teaching appointment... Read More