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skyline of philadelphia

A City Keeps Its Distance

Friends play footsie 6 feet apart in the otherwise empty Drexel Park, two weeks into Philadelphia’s stay-at-home shutdown. Photo by Jeff Fusco The Ne... Read More
a woman holding a pointer

Virtual Help for Home Cooks

Are canned tomatoes better than fresh tomatoes for making pizza sauce? And what creates a denser, chewier chocolate chip cookie: room temperature butter or melt... Read More
h naidoff

A 1951 Co-op, Interrupted

Harold Naidoff’s U.S. Navy portrait. Harold Naidoff was a World War II veteran co-oping as a coppersmith at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard when he f... Read More
drexel students in veterans parade

A Decade of Serving Veterans

Recently the University commemorated a decade of participation in the Post-9/11 GI Bill™’s Yellow Ribbon Program, a federal program established in 2008 to cover... Read More