News Briefs

drexel square

Schuylkill Yards Breaks Ground

A new community park is coming to the corner of 30th and Market streets courtesy of Drexel and Brandywine Realty Trust. Known as Drexel Square, the park is th... Read More
knitted keyboard

New Lab for Smart Fabrics

Imagine a computer keyboard knit from yarn, embedded with touch sensors and bluetooth, so soft and flexible it could be crumpled into a pocket. Such a dev... Read More
Drexel's green campus square.

A Greener Campus by 2030

If you close your eyes and think about what’s causing climate change, you’re probably picturing industrial smokestacks and gridlocked highways. But according to... Read More

$100,000 Halftime Show

Isaiah Hoffman, a premed student who hopes to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, won the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway in 2017. How many footballs can yo... Read More