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Disappointed Doesn’t ‘Cover’ It I was sorely disappointed when I saw that the cover of the 40 Under 40 issue only featured men — all men in STEM and “manly” ... Read More
Sepia image of women lunging

Co-Ed Competitors

This 1904 photo taken in the fourth-floor gymnasium of Drexel’s Main Building shows that physical education was part of the curriculum for men and wom... Read More
Sonja Sherwood

Footnote to a Photo

Soon after the “40 Under 40” edition mailed, I received a handful of letters, most of which are printed on the opposite page. What’s with the cover? everyo... Read More
John Fry

The View From Main

So often we see proof of the maxim that Drexel graduates journey into the world and make a real difference in people’s lives, with some of the most recent inspi... Read More
glass-blown model of a soft coral in the family Alcyoniidae

Art of the Abyss

Clockwise from top: A soft coral in the family Alyconiidae, an Argonaut (also known as a pelagic octopus), sea anenome, sea anenome (single), leopard slug In ... Read More
Drexel Anniversary Cover

Anniversary Edition Fan Mail

What a wonderful edition. I thought it was a perfect tribute to Drexel’s unique and exciting story! Well researched and creatively designed and written, the... Read More
Mechanical Arts Students - black and white photo

Men at Work

This undated photo shows Mechanic Arts Department students working in the electrical laboratory in the early days of the Drexel Institute of Art, Scie... Read More
Sonja Sherwood

A Little Something for Everyone

Each year when we publish our annual feature on alumni under 40, we get a certain question, from certain quarters: “What about the rest of us?” It’s a fair q... Read More
John Fry

The View From Main

Our fifth annual “40 Under 40” list of young Drexel graduates coincides with the launch of a University branding campaign to raise greater awareness of our uniq... Read More