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Close to Home

If you don’t know anyone who has been touched by the opioid crisis, you’re fortunate. You may also be surprised. At some point you may find that the crisis ... Read More

The View from Main

I hope you’ve shared the experience of many Drexel alumni when visiting the campus from time to time: It’s that feeling of discovery, when you encounter new... Read More
Chris Ferguson

Final Frontier

Remember this cover from 2011? When we profiled Chris Ferguson (mechanical engineering ’84) in Drexel Magazine seven years ago, we thought we were writi... Read More

Shell Game

This distinctive tree snail is one of millions of specimens in the Malacology Collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. The manus gree... Read More

The View from Main

With so many key initiatives coming together at your alma mater these days, I’m almost tempted to quote Yankees legend Yogi Berra’s comment about a place be... Read More

Let Us Entertain You

At press time, we got the news that local kid M. Night Shyamalan had agreed to be Drexel’s commencement speaker. It’s too early to know whether the director... Read More

The View from Main

On a crisp autumn day in November, students, faculty and professional staff joined me, along with dedicated Drexel volunteers, donors and leaders in ... Read More
ferrofluid on silicon wafer

Nano Art

This image — “Magnetostatic Spawn” by Aleks Labuda from Santa Barbara, California — depicts ferromagnetic particles suspended in a fluid and manipulated by... Read More