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Clean-Up on Aisle One

Ongoing surveys of the mussel population in Pennsylvania’s Delaware River Basin have begun to produce results that bode well for the health of the waterway. Res... Read More


Ten years after it was installed as the largest living biofilter in North America, Drexel’s Biowall was successfully renovated and updated over the fall and win... Read More

New Starts for Philly

In a previous life as a business writer, I sometimes blogged about how Philadelphia was faring as a big city, doing what big cities do, which is make big bu... Read More
Frank Lee and Tom Sharpe

7-Story Twitter Scroll

Nesbitt Hall's facade turned into a giant Twitter feed for civil dialogue this spring.

Drexel Magazine Goes Digital

At press time, it is the 5th of November, and the world is midway between the ghouls of Halloween and the blessings of Thanksgiving. Summer gleams in the... Read More

The View from Main: Fall 2020

In September, we embarked on an academic year unlike any in our history — amid the global pandemic, a clarion call for racial justice and as our country eng... Read More