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The View from Main

On a crisp autumn day in November, students, faculty and professional staff joined me, along with dedicated Drexel volunteers, donors and leaders in ... Read More
ferrofluid on silicon wafer

Nano Art

This image — “Magnetostatic Spawn” by Aleks Labuda from Santa Barbara, California — depicts ferromagnetic particles suspended in a fluid and mani... Read More

Sometimes We Get in a Bite

“A well-rounded, underdog.” That’s how Moody’s described Philadelphia recently in a Money magazine article about Amazon’s city tryouts for a seco... Read More
John Fry

The View from Main

Over and over, Drexel graduates tell us they look back on their co-op experience as a watershed event of their university years: the invaluable interviewing pro... Read More
Sonja Sherwood

Cha-cha-cha Changes

It’s fall — as I write this the new term has started, and as usual no one can find their classrooms in Curtis Hall. We have a big freshman class this year — ... Read More

Cliff Hanger

Ted Daeschler, curator of vertebrate zoology at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and a professor in the College of Arts and Scienc... Read More


Disappointed Doesn’t ‘Cover’ It I was sorely disappointed when I saw that the cover of the 40 Under 40 issue only featured men — all men in STEM and “manly” ... Read More
Sepia image of women lunging

Co-Ed Competitors

This 1904 photo taken in the fourth-floor gymnasium of Drexel’s Main Building shows that physical education was part of the curriculum for men and wom... Read More