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drexel students wearing masks in class

Back to School, Safely

It was a fall term for the history books, as Drexel welcomed 2,350 first-year students to virtual classrooms. Below, we’ve assembled stats on who they a... Read More

Oh Hello, Upheaval

I was writing for a business magazine based in New York in 2001. That year, the market crash dashed dot-com dreams and the economy tanked. It was the year E... Read More

The View from Main: Summer 2020

One of my first messages to the Drexel community about the pandemic noted that “much about this new virus remains unknown.” Even after all that we learned s... Read More
Nicole Kalitsi ’20

Campaign Successes

In March, Drexel marked a milestone of more than $615 million raised during its most ambitious fundraising campaign, thanks in large part to generous alumni. Th... Read More

100 Years of Co-Op

Drexel’s co-op program, which celebrates its centennial this year, grew slowly from its start in 1919. But it has picked up speed in the modern era as the need ... Read More

We Bought a Hospital

Twenty-one years ago, a major Pennsylvania hospital system collapsed; this summer, the other shoe dropped when Hahnemann University Hospital shuttered. In s... Read More