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Print? Digital? Or Both?

I have three questions for you. The pandemic may be effectively over in America, but there are still some lingering symptoms. Speaking for magazine editors e... Read More

New Starts for Philly

In a previous life as a business writer, I sometimes blogged about how Philadelphia was faring as a big city, doing what big cities do, which is make big bu... Read More

Drexel Magazine Goes Digital

At press time, it is the 5th of November, and the world is midway between the ghouls of Halloween and the blessings of Thanksgiving. Summer gleams in the... Read More

Oh Hello, Upheaval

I was writing for a business magazine based in New York in 2001. That year, the market crash dashed dot-com dreams and the economy tanked. It was the year E... Read More

We Bought a Hospital

Twenty-one years ago, a major Pennsylvania hospital system collapsed; this summer, the other shoe dropped when Hahnemann University Hospital shuttered. In s... Read More

Don’t Forget to Write

It’s graduation time and thousands of new alumni will now reap the greatest gift of a Drexel degree: a lifetime subscription to Drexel Magazine. Smile emoji... Read More

Jobs of the Future

If you live in the region, chances are you’ve seen a bus or a billboard or a television spot about Drexel’s co-op program. The high-profile branding push is... Read More

Close to Home

If you don’t know anyone who has been touched by the opioid crisis, you’re fortunate. You may also be surprised. At some point you may find that the crisis ... Read More

Let Us Entertain You

At press time, we got the news that local kid M. Night Shyamalan had agreed to be Drexel’s commencement speaker. It’s too early to know whether the director... Read More