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Editor’s Letters

Close to Home

If you don’t know anyone who has been touched by the opioid crisis, you’re fortunate. You may also be surprised. At some point you may find that the crisis ... Read More

Let Us Entertain You

At press time, we got the news that local kid M. Night Shyamalan had agreed to be Drexel’s commencement speaker. It’s too early to know whether the director... Read More

Sometimes We Get in a Bite

“A well-rounded, underdog.” That’s how Moody’s described Philadelphia recently in a Money magazine article about Amazon’s city tryouts for a seco... Read More
Sonja Sherwood

Cha-cha-cha Changes

It’s fall — as I write this the new term has started, and as usual no one can find their classrooms in Curtis Hall. We have a big freshman class this year — ... Read More
Sonja Sherwood

Footnote to a Photo

Soon after the “40 Under 40” edition mailed, I received a handful of letters, most of which are printed on the opposite page. What’s with the cover? everyo... Read More
Sonja Sherwood

A Little Something for Everyone

Each year when we publish our annual feature on alumni under 40, we get a certain question, from certain quarters: “What about the rest of us?” It’s a fair q... Read More

Editor’s Notebook

In the spring, we invited you to tell us what you think of the magazine. An online readership survey link was included in the winter/spring edition and sent to ... Read More

Editor’s Notebook

We’ve packed this issue with great stories about the impressive lives our alumni are leading — from daring entrepreneurs, to artists you’ve seen on film and sta... Read More