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Inside Drexel's collection of art, collectibles and rare objects.

glass-blown model of a soft coral in the family Alcyoniidae

Art of the Abyss

Clockwise from top: A soft coral in the family Alyconiidae, an Argonaut (also known as a pelagic octopus), sea anenome, sea anenome (single), leopard slug In ... Read More

Poisonous Plumage

Deep in the shadows of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, a collection of animals waits, frozen. Long dead and preserved by taxidermy, they n... Read More

A Bug’s Afterlife

The insect world is so diverse that if you lined up every living organism on the planet side by side, every fifth one would be a type of beetle — with beetles b... Read More

Cirque de Solidarity

Everybody loves a circus — except when life has become a mad circus and citizens see the “tent” around them as a prison, as was the experience of many Polish ci... Read More

The Tall Case Clock

Every hour on the hour, a majestic 12-foot clock outside of Provost Mark Greenberg’s office in Drexel’s Main Building tells the time with a series of modest gon... Read More

Japanese Woodblock Prints

Among the many treasures of The Drexel Collection are 200 beautiful and unique 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints that were donated to the Collection by Jam... Read More

Autumn on the Wissahickon

Autumn on the Wissahickon, a magnificent landscape of Philadelphia's woods along the Wissahickon Creek, by Thomas Moran, is one the most significant paintings i... Read More