Flame by Flame

Brian Sullivan ’17 was 33 days into production on his first feature film, working long past midnight on an exhausting day of shooting, when he finally broke int... Read More

An “Off Campus” Reunion

Far from Drexel in Hollywood, five alumni from the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design's film and television program gather to discuss life after colleg... Read More

A Shot of Saxbys Management

Jhanvee Patel, Dan Kinsinger and Christina Sokolowski began working at Saxbys as baristas before moving into leadership roles, where they are now hiring an... Read More

Class Action

College is all about inspiring students to reimagine what they’re capable of. Professors challenge students to tackle difficult problems, to find unexpected way... Read More
Johanna Berrigan

A Ministry of Presence

Though little known outside of Kensington, the Catholic Worker Free Clinic that Johanna Berrigan founded at 1813 Hagert Street in 1991 is part of a network of l... Read More

Progress Report

“If you can look at a child and see endless possibilities... if you can look at a child and see to infinity, that is a successful school.” — Christian Edge W... Read More

An Interview With Modernity

In a world that is constantly on the move, Mimi Sheller studies the systems that make progress possible, for better and for worse. As the director of Drexel’... Read More