university city building

While Everyone Was Away

During the COVID shutdowns, it was hard to miss images of time seemingly standing still: calendars hung in absented workspaces still flipped to March 2020 …... Read More
Artist Rendering of Percy

Is Anybody Out There?

A mere two weeks before COVID-19 lockdowns arrived last spring, a seventh grader from Virginia wrote the winning essay in a contest to name NASA’s new M... Read More
self folding fabric textile

The Future of Fabric

As thousands of Americans fired up their sewing machines to make masks last spring, Geneviève Dion, the director of Drexel’s Center for Functional Fabri... Read More
forty under forty

40 under 40: Class of 2021

AOS.init(); About the nominees... No one expected a year like the one we’ve had, but Drexel’s young 40 Under 40 greeted it with grit. ... Read More