Class Action

College is all about inspiring students to reimagine what they’re capable of. Professors challenge students to tackle difficult problems, to find unexpected way... Read More
Johanna Berrigan

A Ministry of Presence

Though little known outside of Kensington, the Catholic Worker Free Clinic that Johanna Berrigan founded at 1813 Hagert Street in 1991 is part of a network of l... Read More

Progress Report

“If you can look at a child and see endless possibilities... if you can look at a child and see to infinity, that is a successful school.” — Christian Edge W... Read More

An Interview With Modernity

In a world that is constantly on the move, Mimi Sheller studies the systems that make progress possible, for better and for worse. As the director of Drexel’... Read More
Illustration of a Sudanese village on fire

Lost and Found

The story of how Drexel poet Harriet Millan helped Sudanese refugee Michael Kuch reunite with his lost mother — and in doing so, find herself. by Ben Seal i... Read More
Forty Under Forty

Forty Under Forty

Five years.That’s 200 stories. Stories that show there really are no bounds to where a Drexel degree can take you. In this fifth edition of the 40 Under 40... Read More