Brain Zap

Brain Zap ARTS AND SCIENCES Despite growing interest in brain stimulation, researchers know little about the public’s ethical attitudes toward the... Read More

Understanding Our Origins

ARTS & SCIENCES A new way to look at the universe — by studying high-energy particles called “neutrinos” — is opening up thanks to researchers workin... Read More
Top down image of someone doing research

Research: Still, or Seismic?

STILL, OR SEISMIC? Geology Scientists used to believe that East Antarctica was unusually seismically still. They now know better after a team that include... Read More

Research: Relish the Waste

Relish the Waste Food Waste Consumers are happy to eat food products made from ingredients that would otherwise end up in the trash, and if you ma... Read More
Colored markers in glass jar

Research: Positive Inking

POSITIVE INKING Nursing and Biomed Instead of relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a long day, try grabbing some markers and start doodling. The ... Read More
plumes of air pollution in a clear sky

Research: Pollution Problem

POLLUTION PROBLEM Despite a decline in the number of new natural gas wells in the Marcellus Shale region of Northeast Pennsylvania, levels of atmospheric metha... Read More

Research: Prehistoric Life

INTRODUCING B. REX. Prehistoric Life You’ve heard of T. rex. But what about B. rex? Scientists from the Academy of Natural Sciences were part of a t... Read More