News Briefs

knitted keyboard

New Lab for Smart Fabrics

Imagine a computer keyboard knit from yarn, embedded with touch sensors and bluetooth, so soft and flexible it could be crumpled into a pocket. Such a dev... Read More
Drexel's green campus square.

A Greener Campus by 2030

If you close your eyes and think about what’s causing climate change, you’re probably picturing industrial smokestacks and gridlocked highways. But according to... Read More

$100,000 Halftime Show

Isaiah Hoffman, a premed student who hopes to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, won the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway in 2017. How many footballs can yo... Read More

Comings and Goings

Over the winter Drexel said “goodbye” to a long-time dean and “hello” to a couple of new faces. Hats off to Donna Murasko, who concludes a 15-year stint as ... Read More