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Brains and Brawn

On the women’s side, the basketball, field hockey, soccer, tennis, swimming and diving teams garnered a score of 1000. The men’s golf, tennis and wrestling team... Read More
Julia Fisher Farbman

The Story She Was Meant to Tell

Julia Fisher Farbman (left) found inspiration in Audrey Evans' remarkable life to write and produce her first feature film, "Audrey's Children." Photo by Alic... Read More

THE STORY OF NO. 11099089

This Drexel-made dynamometer will be far less costly to produce than existing machines. When Noel Goodstadt arrived at Drexel in 2008 and began w... Read More
Olya Yarychkivska

Help for Ukraine

Olya Yarychkivska Russia’s assault on Ukraine displaced millions of citizens, killed thousands of civilians and turned cities into piles of wreckage. F... Read More