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Raising Up Philly Kids

Two grants totaling $2.6 million will support Drexel University’s efforts to improve early childhood education in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone. ... Read More
infographic of a wastewater treatment concept

The Story of No. 7419,603

Each day, the United States uses more than 161 billion gallons of water to cool factories, server farms and power plants. Power plant cooling is one of the la... Read More
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Research: Still, or Seismic?

STILL, OR SEISMIC? Geology Scientists used to believe that East Antarctica was unusually seismically still. They now know better after a team that include... Read More
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Story Medicine

A high-stakes Olympic race that results with no winner…A scientific experiment proving that yes, pigs can actually fly… These scenarios — and many more — were ... Read More
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Bikes, Bucks and Autism

Torrents of rain pounded the pavement all across Philadelphia, but it didn’t stop more than 3,300 people from running and riding to raise money for research in ... Read More

Games for Gryffindors

The members of the Drexel Quidditch Club practice on Buckley Field during spring term. Many students at Drexel University play club sports, but there... Read More