40 Under 40: Class of 2020

The young alumni honored in this year’s Drexel Magazine 40 Under 40 program are proof that cooperative education produces graduates with the creativity and resilience to solve problems for which there is no pre-existing answer key. Our graduates are paving paths that scarcely existed when they left high school in fields like nanotechnology, autonomous vehicles, cryptocurrency, cleantech and robotics. They’re creating novel products, making scientific discoveries and addressing emergent social issues. As we celebrate the centennial of the University’s co-op program, we are reminded that no method of education is better suited to today’s world of swift technological and social change. We believe that those who build the future have a stake in the shape it takes. So we asked our alumni each to imagine their own personal centennial, and what change they would most like to see in the world by the time they’re 100.

Congratulations to the 40 Under 40 Class of 2020.

The Drexel 40 Under 40 program recognizes some of our most promising, entrepreneurial, creative and inspiring alumni.

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Patrick Fenningham, 31 | BS biomedical engineering ’11
Chief Product Officer, EIR Healthcare
Grant Geiger, 31 | BS/BA international business and marketing ’11
Founder and CEO, EIR Healthcare
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…improved access to health care for all people.”
— Grant Geiger

two guys in suits

Mihir Wankawala, 39 | BS business administration ’02
Managing director, The Wankawala Organization
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…for every child to get a strong educational foundation so they can fulfill their dreams.”

Mihir Wankawala

Shana Weiner, 31 | JD ’13
Attorney and founder, Dinah
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…domestic abuse eradicated from humanity.”

sarah weiner headshot

James Starks, 34 | MS construction management ’18 certification in green and sustainable building ’19
Green Bay Packers running back (retired)
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…more programs for the underserved and underprivileged.”

Rob Li, 38 | BA international area studies ’04
Founder, Active Elixir
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…people helping others when they can.”

Rob Li lifting a woman

Sneh Bhatt, 28 | BS chemical engineering ’13
CEO, Monarch Blockchain
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…a move from centralized government-backed currency to a new decentralized global standard.”

James Hing, 39 | BS/MS/PhD mechanical engineering ’03, ’06, ’10
Strategic technologies branch head, Naval Air Systems Command
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…high-caliber education open and free to everyone.”

hing posing on machinery

Jeffrey Mostyn, 23 | BS computer science ’19
Project lead and developer, Pharaoh Hound Games
Mark Hurley, 23 | BS game design ’19
Lead artist and game designer, Pharaoh Hound Games
Michael Heffner, 25 | BS computer science ’19
Programmer, Pharaoh Hound Games
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…access for everyone to technology so they can follow their passion.” — Michael Heffner

Bren King, 29 | BS digital media ’13
Art director and co-owner, PHL Collective
Brian Gitlin, 29 | BS digital media ’13
Programmer project lead and co-owner, PHL Collective
Ryan Reed, 29 | BS digital media ’13
Lead environment artist and co-owner, PHL Collective
“If we live to be 100, the change we’d most like to see in the world is more creative opportunities for young people in Philadelphia to pursue their passions.”

three guys standing together

Brian Dressler, 33 | BS mechanical engineering ’11
Co-owner, Dressler Estate
“The change I’d most like to see in the world is…people caring for each other more.”

amberlee venti

Amberlee Venti, 37
MA dance/movement therapy
and counseling ’09



erica caden

Erica Caden, 36
PhD physics ’13



lenny skolnik

Lenard Skolnik (a.k.a. Yung Spielburg), 31
BS music industry ’11



michael franklin

Michael Franklin, 32
BS teacher education ’09



erik schmidt

Erik Schmidt, 35
PhD electrical engineering ’12


Adria Wilson

Adria Wilson, 33




Ben Fennell

Ben Fennell, 33
BS sport management ’10



Seyma Aslan

Seyma Aslan, 36



Philip Hunger

Philipp Hunger, 39
PhD materials science and engineering ’12


Sekou Lewis

Sekou Lewis, 35
JD ’12



Brittany Chambers

Brittany M. Chambers, 30
Senior education manager, Center to Advance Palliative Care (New York City)



John Eisenbrey

John Eisenbrey, 37
PhD biomedical engineering ’10



Maurice Hinson

Maurice D. Hinson, 33
MD ’15



Carly Rapaport Stein

Carly Rapaport-Stein, 34
MS arts administration ’15


Stefan Seltz Axmacher

Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, 30
BS business administration ’12



Robert Devlin

Robert Devlin, 32
BS electrical and computer engineering and
MS materials science and engineering ’13



Matin Haghkar

Matin Haghkar, 33
BS civil engineering ’09;
BS architectural engineering ’09



Matin Haghkar

Maria Lukatskaya, 31
PhD materials science and engineering ’15



Haig Abnous

Haig Abnous, 32
MS sports management ’15


Niyant Shah

Niyant Shah, 34
MS molecular and cellular
biology and genetics ’12



Quinney Harris

Quinney Harris, 35
MPH community health and prevention ’11



Ethan Geltzer

Ethan Geltzer, 28
BS music industry ’14



Adrienne Juarascio

Adrienne Juarascio, 32
PhD clinical psychology ’12



Logan Levenson

Logan A. Levenson, 27
BS business administration ’14