Fall 2013

Ripe For Study

If California is the cradle of the medical marijuana movement, then Venice Beach might be where it reached maturity — and some would say, where it ran wild. ... Read More

Fund$ with Benefits

Bert Rosenbloom J. Donald Rauth Distinguished Chair of Marketing Management LeBow College of Business The tone of Bert Rosenbloom’s career was struck when he ... Read More

More of everything

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I decided this magazine was going to be more fun than I imagined — and also, just more of everything. It’s not just that the... Read More

Audacious Ideas

Memory Prosthetic Memories can be fleeting, unreliable and sometimes entirely inaccurate. In her exhibit, Sarah Moores proposes a wearable recording devi... Read More

Battle of the Bots

atlas::Using a DARPA-designed Atlas robot donated by Hong Kong University, the late-entry Team HKU resulted from a merger between Case Western Reserve Univers... Read More

Camden Camera

“Women who experience hunger and poverty firsthand are the true experts. how their struggles are shaped by complex systems of low wages, housing challenges and... Read More

Hot Couture

Luckily for Kristy Jost, ’11, black is always chic. The fashion designer pursuing a materials science doctorate works with plenty of charcoal powder — a key ing... Read More