Fall 2022

A black-and-white photo of a large group of Army cadets navigating an obstacle course.

Cadets on Campus

The Army Specialized Training Program curriculum mandated several hours of physical education each week. Cadets trained at the athletic fields at 46th and H... Read More
A group of musicians being lead in rehearsal by their conductor

Connecting Through Cantatas

Renowned composer Tyshawn Sorey leads a workshop with Drexel and Curtis students as part of "Rehearsing Philadelphia." What would you do if professional music... Read More

The Story of No. 11202645

Every time a surgeon performs open-heart surgery, there are abundant risks. Those hazards multiply when a patient requires repeated cardiac surgeries, whether t... Read More
Karson Harris, a white womanwith long blond hair, stands on Daskalakis Athletic Field in her lacrosse uniform.

Scoring in Life

With the final seconds ticking away, Drexel trailed by one goal. Karson Harris (BS ’21, MPH ’22) wasn’t having her best game, but with everything on the line, s... Read More