Fall 2014

The Art of Healing

This issue's cover is a photo of children working on a mural for the Mural Arts Program Porch Light Initiative, in partnership with Drexel's 11th Street Family ... Read More

Dreadnoughtus Unearthed

When you speak the word "titanosaur," you can't help but think big. Or rather, supermassive. A Drexel team made a discovery of epic proportions (literally) wh... Read More

Exploring New Waters

Every weekend during the spring and fall, members of the Drexel Sailing Team pile into their cars and head to competitions up and down the East Coast, from Conn... Read More

Extra Credit at McMichael

The kindergartener at Morton McMichael School could only recognize four letters of the alphabet. If the girl did not master her letters, this most basic of skil... Read More

Globetrotting Dragons

In a year's time, Drexel University varsity and club athletes have crossed oceans four times to not just compete, but to carry the spirit of the United States a... Read More

Football’s Greatest Pass

Oftentimes in sibling relationships, the eldest protects the youngest. But for Drexel football alums and brothers Tom and Steve Terebus, the roles were recently... Read More