Winter/Spring 2017

Forty Under Forty

Forty Under Forty

Five years.That’s 200 stories. Stories that show there really are no bounds to where a Drexel degree can take you. In this fifth edition of the 40 Under 40... Read More
glass-blown model of a soft coral in the family Alcyoniidae

Art of the Abyss

Clockwise from top: A soft coral in the family Alyconiidae, an Argonaut (also known as a pelagic octopus), sea anenome, sea anenome (single), leopard slug In ... Read More
Drexel Auditorium

125th Anniversary Slideshow

Join the conversation with #Drexel125. Students, alumni and friends are sharing their memories and photographs of Drexel past and present all year round as t... Read More
Ambition Can't Wait advertisement image

Ambition Can’t Wait

You may have seen the billboards and the wraps on buses and bus stops or the ads in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal: Drexel is getting the wo... Read More
Den of Biomed Enginnering - Paul W. Brandt-Rauf

Comings and Goings

Drexel recently welcomed two new deans and will soon bid farewell to a CEO. In January, Drexel’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law named Daniel M. Filler, JD (pict... Read More
small squares of fabric in a hand

The Story of No. 12/721161

It can take an inventor years to receive an official U.S. patent, usually represented by a seven-digit number (patents pending like this one have eight). But ... Read More
Nihad Ali Almasri

Nihad Ali Almasri

Age: 35 PhD rehabilitation services ’10 Dean of School of Rehabilitation Sciences and associate professor, Department of Physiotherapy, The University of Jor... Read More
Christy Berghoff

Christy Berghoff

Age: 38 MS information systems ’16 Co-owner, Hideaway Café; public key infrastructure program manager, Department of Justice My Greatest Accomplishment As a... Read More