Zuri Masud

Zuri Masud

MS food science ’19

Food Scientist, Rutgers Innovation Center (Bridgeton, New Jersey)

Age 31

My Greatest Accomplishment:

Starting Reveal, a line of drinks made from upcycled food waste, with one of my favorite friends and colleagues. It taught me the struggle and reward of having your own business and the importance of doing what inspires you, regardless of how impossible it may seem.

How Drexel Helped Me:

Drexel helped me find my interest in food science. It also put me around a group of people with like-minded ideas and similar drive who helped push me forward into the space that I am in today.

Where I Hope to Be in Five Years:

I hope to have started another business. I would like to consult with different companies and consumer packaged goods startups to help them come up with ways they can make their products more sustainable.

The Change I Would Most Like to See in the World:

I would love to see upcycling, sustainability and the creation of circular systems become the standard set in the world. There’s no reason why we should not always be thinking of how our innovations, jobs and laws will affect one another and our planet. I think this is the only way forward.