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Friends We’ll Miss: Winter 2023

Farewell to departed alumni, as reported to the University between August 4, 2022, and February 15, 2023.


Cora Billig Foltz, BS Home Economics 1947
Ruth Binder Dessender, AS Nursing 1948
Anna Braun Kirch, BS Home Economics 1948
Dorothy Cloud Reed, Cert. Secretarial 1943
Robert Craven, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1947
William Detwiler, BS Mechanical Engineering 1949
Merle Forney, BS Retail Management 1947
Mary Greisen Reifsnyder, BS Home Economics 1948
Robert Handschumacher, BS Chemical Engineering 1949
W. Jackson Hathaway, BS Home Economics 1947
Leon Keyser, BS Electrical Engineering 1949
Ed Kutler, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1946
Robert Light, BS Chemical Engineering 1948
Harry Louie, BS Electrical Engineering 1948
Mary Minch Funari, BS Home Economics 1945
Wilson Passant, BS Business Administration 1948
Clara Schaefer Riester, Cert. Secretarial 1949
Wallace Sonntag, BS Mechanical Engineering 1949
Evert Sprinchorn, BS Business Administration 1948
Mae Sweeten Buckwalter, Cert. Secretarial 1944
Albert Tholen, BS Civil Engineering 1949


Joseph Abrams, BS Mechanical Engineering 1953
Roy Allen, BS Mechanical Engineering 1957
Albert Bachman, Cert. Electrical Engineering 1955
Mary Bair Abbot, RN Nursing 1950
Thomas Benner, BS Civil Engineering 1958
Eugene Bentley, MD Medicine 1958
Norma Bertolet, BS Business Teacher Education 1951
Joseph Bogden, BS Mechanical Engineering 1959
Christine Boland Coman, BS Chemistry 1958
Frank Broadbent, BS Business Administration 1957
Elaine Brotman Ashin, Cert. Secretarial 1954
John Buckwalter, BS Business Administration 1956
Samuel Burgoon, BS Electrical Engineering 1959
Frank Burno, MD Medicine 1953
Betty Buyck Stack, Cert. Library Science 1954
Joseph Cashen, BS Electrical Engineering 1957
David Chester, Cert. Mechanical Engineering 1959, BS 1961
Kenneth Clayton, BS Civil Engineering 1953
William Coleman, BS Mechanical Engineering 1953, MS 1956
Carl Corson, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1958
H. Day, MD Medicine 1953
Carolyn Denton Palmer, BS Admin Secretarial 1957
Joseph Dixon, BS Business Administration 1959
Charles Doerner, BS Business Teacher Education 1952
Barbara Dowd, MD Medicine 1955
William Doyle, BS Electrical Engineering 1959
Bernard Famiglietti, BS Business Administration 1951
Richard Feehs, BS Chemical Engineering 1955
Charles Fick, BS Civil Engineering 1959
Roy Flynn, Cert. Chemical Engineering 1959
John Folk, BS Mechanical Engineering 1959, MS Engineering Management 1967
James Fox, BS Civil Engineering 1955
Walter Fraser, BS Mechanical Engineering 1957
Richard Frogg Dunkerton, BS Home Economics 1950
Charles Gabrill, Cert. Electrical Engineering 1952
Edwin Gerber, BS Electrical Engineering 1957, MS Physics & Atmospheric Science 1961
John Giovanni, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1956
David Graham, BS Electrical Engineering 1959, MS 1964
Edward Grosik, Cert. Mechanical Engineering 1953, BS 1956
Edward Harvey, BS Civil Engineering 1952
Robert Holzwarth, BS Civil Engineering 1959
Robert Iatesta, BS Mechanical Engineering 1958
Ernest Johnson, MS Mechanical Engineering 1959
Alan Kline, Cert. Mechanical Engineering 1955, BS 1957
William Kraft, BS Business Administration 1957
Grace Krogman Williams, BS Home Economics 1951
Jay Layer, BS Electrical Engineering 1958
Leonard Linchuk, BS Mechanical Engineering 1958
Robert Madle, BS Business Administration 1952, MBA 1953
Vincent Mancino, MBA Business Administration 1959
Francis Mangan, BS Electrical Engineering 1952
Albert Martino, BS Mechanical Engineering 1958, MS 1964
Ronald Mayro, BS Business Administration 1958
Robert McCloy, BS Business Administration 1959
Robert Minshall, BS Mechanical Engineering 1957
Martin Misenhimer, MD Medicine 1959
Edward Moser, MD Medicine 1954
Ralph Muraca, BS Mechanical Engineering 1959
Mary Murphy Muraca, MD Medicine 1956
Louise Nicolini Griffin, BS Business Teacher Education 1958
Jack Nuschke, MD Medicine 1957
Edward O’Brien, BS Business Administration 1956
William Poole, BS Mechanical Engineering 1958
Marie Presar Coil, Cert. Library Science 1953
Joseph Pullen, BS Chemical Engineering 1958
Mauvine Reed Barnes, MD Medicine 1957
John Ricca, BS Mechanical Engineering 1954
Selma Ring Prager, BS Retail Management 1951
Yvonne Rodin Giberson, Cert. Secretarial 1956
Nicholas Rossi, MD Medicine 1955
Sevrino Scaglia, MS Electrical Engineering 1956
Dolores Schiazza, Cert. Secretarial 1952
George Schmidt, BS Mechanical Engineering 1953, MS 1956
Jean Shanahan Hartgrovers, RN Nursing 1955
Wilbur Snyder, BS Retail Management 1955
William Sode, BS Civil Engineering 1959
Grace Soule Bogard, BS Home Economics 1959
Jean Steele Dietterich, BS Home Economics 1955
Selig Strassman, MD Medicine 1951
Florence Stuber Vaitl, RN Nursing 1956
John Sudol, MD Medicine 1958
Nancy Sydnam, MD Medicine 1954
Charles Winistorfer, Cert. Mechanical Engineering 1956
Robert Wolf, BS Mechanical Engineering 1957
William Zins, MS Electrical Engineering 1959


Thomas Alberts, BS Chemical Engineering 1960
John Alexander, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1962
John Ambrosini, BS Biological Sciences 1966, MS Environmental Engineering 1970
Patricia Andrews, MLS Library Science 1965
George Barclay, Cert. Business Administration 1961
John Bartos, BS Mechanical Engineering 1960
Delphine Bartosik, MD Medicine 1961
Bruce Basch, MD Medicine 1969
Robert Bealle, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1969, MBA Business Administration 1971
Leonard Beck, BS Civil Engineering 1962
Lamberto Bentivoglio, MS Biomedical Engineering & Science 1969
Richard Berkowitz, MD Medicine 1960
Ralph Bieber, BS Business Administration 1960
Rudolph Boksleitner, BS Biological Sciences 1961
Edward Brockson, BS Electrical Engineering 1963
Henry Burman, BS Chemical Engineering 1962
Thomas Campbell, BS Business Administration 1963
Meredith Campbell Patterson, Cert. Civil Engineering 1960
David Casey, MD Medicine 1964
Allan Cole, BS Electrical Engineering 1967
John Czarnecki, BS Electrical Engineering 1967
John Damiano, BS Chemical Engineering 1963
La Cinda Dauberman Readinger, RN Nursing 1969
Joseph DelVecchio, BS Electrical Engineering 1962
Carl D’Errico, Cert. Electrical Engineering 1961
Joseph Diaco, MD Medicine 1964
John Diehl, BS Business Administration 1962
Alphonse DiGiovanni, MD Medicine 1960
Gayle Donahower Kendig, MS Library Science 1966
Kenneth Elkman, BS Business Administration 1968
Barbara Exley Northrup, RN Nursing 1961
Joseph Fanelle, MBA Business Administration 1966
Raymond Farace, BS Mechanical Engineering 1966
Jeanne Fastook, MD Medicine 1969
Harold Fenner, BS Business Administration 1960
Joseph Fisher, BS Civil Engineering 1966
Betty Flor, BS Home Economics 1968
Karl Garling, BS Electrical Engineering 1961
William Garrett, BS Electrical Engineering 1965
Shirley Garwood Swayne, MS Library Science 1969
Edwin Gaul, BS Mechanical Engineering 1962
Daniel Gerber, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1960
Claire Geyer, BS Design 1964
Robert Goglia, Cert. Business Administration 1960
Robert Gorman, BS Business Administration 1966
Henry Grabowski, BS Business Administration 1961
Sharon Green Schwartz, BS Home Economics 1969
Jesse Hack, BS Mathematics 1967
Philip Hall, BS Business Administration 1964
Robert Hall, BS Business Administration 1967
Barclay Hamilton, BS Business Administration 1969
William Hammond, BS Business Administration 1968
Donald Hancock, MS Electrical Engineering 1963
Fred Hausler, MD Medicine 1962
Leroy Hermansen, BS Electrical Engineering 1966
John Herring, MD Medicine 1968
William Hetzelson, BS Chemical Engineering 1967
Neal Hickle, BS Business Administration 1965
John Hilburt, MBA Business Administration 1968
David E. Horn, BS Metallurgical Engineering 1967
Grover Houpt, MS Electrical Engineering 1960
Allen Hulshizer, BS Civil Engineering 1964, MS 1973
Ruth Jeffries Lederer, BS Home Economics 1964
Milton Johns, MBA Business Administration 1969
Edward Johnson, BS Electrical Engineering 1963
Marlene Kane, MS Home Economics 1963
Daniel Kelleher, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1963
George Kelly, BS Civil Engineering 1964
Tish Kelly Brennan, BS Fashion Design 1967
Judith Kessinger, MS Library Science 1969
Stanley Kijewski, BS Electrical Engineering 1965
Howard Kiker, BS Chemical Engineering 1966
Leonard Kilmer, MD Medicine 1961
Eleanor Klein Axe, MD Medicine 1967
Vladimir Korba, MD Medicine 1960
John Kovacs, BS Mechanical Engineering 1962
Leonard Kushnier, BS Chemical Engineering 1966
Richard Lacox, BS Electrical Engineering 1968
Jack Laveson, MS Electrical Engineering 1969, PhD Environmental Engineering 1972
Robert Levine, MS Unknown 1964
Edward Lilly, BS Mechanical Engineering 1964
John Lloyd, MBA Business Administration 1969
William Love, BS Business Administration 1967
John Maloney, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1960
John Martin, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1964, MBA Business Administration 1971
Carolyn Mateer, MS Library Science 1967
Lewis Maylath, BS Chemistry 1967
David McClain, BS Business Administration 1969
Morrison McDavid, MS Biomedical Engineering & Science 1964
John McElwee, BS Business Administration 1968
Charles Metzler, BS Business Administration 1969
Bruce Michener, BS Electrical Engineering 1967
George Miller, BS Business Administration 1961
Norman Miller, BS Physics & Atmospheric Science 1961
Kenneth Miller, MD Medicine 1962
Katherine Morgan Price, BS Medical Technology 1964
Carl Morrison, MD Medicine 1969
William Mounce, BS Chemical Engineering 1961
Donald Murray, BS Electrical Engineering 1967
Lynn Negus, MD Medicine 1965
Sandra Notestine Anderson, RN Nursing 1963
James O’Malley, BS Mechanical Engineering 1965
Ian Ornstein, BS Electrical Engineering 1965
Theodore Oslick, MD Medicine 1962
Clifford Owens, MS Chemistry 1961, PhD 1969
Leslie Paff, BS Mechanical Engineering 1965, MBA Business Administration 1977
Jay Pearson, BS Business Administration 1962
Thomas Penders, MS Environmental Engineering 1969
Michael Pestrak, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1964
Anastasia Petrides, MD Medicine 1960
Frank Pettyjohn, MD Medicine 1963
Michael Piccuta, MD Medicine 1969
Giusto Pizzini, MS Electrical Engineering 1965
Frank Prestileo, BS Accounting 1969
Anthony Puglisi, MD Medicine 1965
Christian Rapp, BS Business Administration 1961
Joseph Riehl, BS Electrical Engineering 1966
Charles Rollhauser, BS Mechanical Engineering 1967
Richard Romfh, MD Medicine 1965
Mary Russin, MD Medicine 1969
Henry Schultz, MBA Business Administration 1968
William Scott, BS Business Administration 1961
George Semerjian, Cert. Mechanical Engineering 1965
William Sharp, BS Mechanical Engineering 1965
Glenda Sherbine Diehl, BS Home Economics 1965
John Siemietkowski, BS Mechanical Engineering 1962
Walter Simpson, BS Electrical Engineering 1965
Lewis Sloat, Cert. Chemical Engineering 1966
Donald Spry, BS Physics & Atmospheric Science 1967
Donald St. Claire, MD Medicine 1961
William Stankiewicz, BS Business Administration 1969
Robert Steele, BS Business Administration 1964
Judith Stetser Kouhi, RN Nursing 1965
William Stockman, BS Biological Sciences 1962
Robert Taylor, MS Civil Engineering 1960
Joyce Taylor Wilhelm, RN Nursing 1961
John Tedesco, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1967
Edward Telling, BS Business Administration 1968
Edward Tinsley, BS Chemical Engineering 1960
Richard Veitch, BS Metallurgical Engineering 1963
John Verhaaren, MS Library Science 1962
Herbert Wagemaker, MD Medicine 1961
William Ward, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1961
Robert Weiss, BS Chemical Engineering 1966
Thomas West, BS Business Administration 1969
Arthur Wise, MD Medicine 1965
LeRoy Witcher, BS Mechanical Engineering 1961
Robert Witt, BS Electrical Engineering 1967
Betty Zehender Warner, Cert. Library Science 1964


Michael Abandond, MBA Business Administration 1976
Ernido Agustin, BS Mechanical Engineering 1974
Michael Avioli, BS Mathematics 1976, PhD Mechanical Engineering 1981
Bruce Benn, MBA Business Administration 1977
Richard Biehl, BS Mechanical Engineering 1975
John Boyce, BS Mental Health Technology 1975
Robert Bridge, BS Business Administration 1970
Russell Bruce, BS Finance 1975
Michael Centrella, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1970
David Clawson, BS Operations Management 1975
Charles Conant, BS Electrical Engineering 1974
Jasper Coombes, MS Engineering Management 1972
Michael Curci, BS General Business 1975
Stacey Daniels, BS Business Administration 1979
Nicholas DiNardo, BS Biological Science 1977, MS Environmental Engineering 1980
Dennis Dougherty, BS Architecture 1979
Ivy Dreizin, MD Medicine 1974
Edward Elenausky, MS Library Science 1974
James Edgar Erb, BS Civil Engineering 1972
Bryant Farrence, AS Physician Assistant 1977
Joseph Feeney, BS Mechanical/Industrial Engineering 1975
Eleanor Fillebrown, MBA Business Administration 1976
Jamison Francis, MD Medicine 1976
Robert Franks, BS Electrical Engineering 1971
Ronald Frick, BS Architecture 1974
Andrew Fritz, BS Electrical Engineering 1973, MS 1976
John Gallagher, BS Electrical Engineering 1975, MS 1980
Charles Gavin, BS Business Administration 1970
Elizabeth Gaw, MS Library Science 1973
Leslie Gibbs, BS Architecture 1978
Paul Givler, BS Mechanical Engineering 1972
Carol Grant-Holmes, MS Home Economics 1971
Dorothy Hart, MS Program Eval. & Soc. Res. 1984
Joan Huber, MS Library Science 1972
Ziyad Husami, MS Civil Engineering 1978
Leo Hutton, BS Mechanical/Industrial Engineering 1975
Jeffrey Israel, BS Accounting 1974
Norman Jetta, MBA Business Administration 1978
Eric Johnson, AS Physician Assistant 1977
Richard Jones, BS Design 1974
Mary Kelly O’Connor, MD Medicine 1974
Rhea Kissel, BS Home Economics 1971
Kenneth Kryszczun, MS Environmental Engineering 1973
Eugene Kuczynski, MS Environmental Engineering 1971
William Kulp, BS Civil Engineering 1971
Bryen Lorenz, MS Electrical Engineering 1976, PhD 1981
Thomas Marta, BS Business Administration 1970
Thomas McCullough, BS Operations Management 1976
Joseph McKenna, BS Retail Management 1979
Dorothy McLaughlin Alibrando, MLS Library & Information Science 1979
Linda Michaud, BS Mental Health Technology 1974
Daniel Millen, BS Architecture 1976
Robert Moser, MD Medicine 1978
Bernadette Naughton DeArmond, MD Medicine 1970
Larry Newman, MBA Business Administration 1976
Margaret Norbeck, RN Nursing 1978
James Oberly, BS Business Administration 1974
Michael O’Keefe, BS Business Administration 1974
Mary Onufrey, AS Radiologic Technology 1978
Louise Ott, BS Business Administration 1979
Julia Perkins Dunn, RN Nursing 1978
Louis Picciano, BS Mechanical Engineering 1977, MS 1982
Jurgen Rehnig, BS Business Administration 1972
Norman Reilly, BS Business Administration 1979
Louis Rua, BS Chemistry 1972, PhD 1975
James Russo, BS Electrical Engineering 1979
Richard Sarnese, BS Business Administration 1970, MBA Business Administration 1974
Gary Schnerr, BS Electrical Engineering 1975
Roger Schultz, MS Engineering Management 1972
Ellen Sealy Dunn, MS Home Economics 1979
Philip Seamon, MBA Business Administration 1975
Mark Shapiro, MS Biomedical Engineering & Science 1972, PhD 1974
Michael Siravo, BS Chemical Engineering 1976
George Smith, MBA Business Administration 1974
Joseph Smola, BS Business Administration 1971
Carol Soffa Baldridge, MLIS Library & Information Science 1977
Theodora Stevenson Smith, BS Accounting 1976
Mark Stewart, MS Mental Health Technology 1977
Neil Stuverude, BS Mechanical Engineering 1978
Neil Thomas, BS Retail Management 1979
Carole Truesdale, MBA Business Administration 1974
William Vandemark, BS Business Administration 1972
J. Veloski, BS Commerce & Engineering General Studies 1970
Francis Wallace, BS Business Administration 1970, MBA 1977
Raymond Weaver, BS Metallurgical Engineering 1973
Robert Weicke, MBA Business Administration 1975
Richard White, MBA Business Administration 1973
Jerome Witkowski, BS Business Administration 1972
Claire Zamorski, MCAT Art Therapy 1979
William Zebrowski, BS Business Administration 1970
Daryl Zeigler, MD Medicine 1979


Clair Beard, MD Medicine 1983
Joseph Bestic, AS Respiratory Therapy 1985
Francis Biehl, BS Civil Engineering 1988
Paul Blaum, BS Civil Engineering 1983
Mark Bratz, BS Operations Management 1982
John Cappello, BS Electrical Engineering 1986, MS 1991
Edward DeVita, MD Medicine 1984
Joseph DiBiase, BS Mechanical Engineering 1984
Carol DiGiuseppe, BS Medical Technology 1985
Melissa Dobbins Padilla, BS Humanities & Communications 1989
Anita Domsky-Weisz, MFT Family Therapy 1983
Kathleen Ebner, BS Medical Technology 1986
Gregory Fiske, BS Chemical Engineering 1981
David Friel, MD Medicine 1987
Annette Gentile-Viola, MD Medicine 1983
Douglas Gottliebsen, MBA Business Administration 1981
Margaret Guellich, MBA Business Administration 1985
Bruce Johnson, BS Business Administration 1986
Esther Laurencin, BS General Home Economics 1983
Salvatore Lawrence, MD Medicine 1983
Vincent Long, MBA Business Administration 1985
Eric Love, BS Business Administration 1985
Karl Lugosch, AS Physician Assistant 1983
Bernice Mendelsohn, BS Human Behavior & Development 1986
Yvonne Orova, MS Taxation 1987
Haldun Ozcan, MS Biomedical Engineering & Science 1984
Patricia Paulley Stockett, AS Nursing 1987, BSN 1999
Anastasios Pelekanos, MS Mechanical Engineering 1987
Francis Salvatore, MD Medicine 1980
Michael Savage, MBA Business Administration 1987
Steven Scaricamazza, BS Accounting 1989
Thomas Sikina, MS Electrical Engineering 1985
Conrad Smith, MD Medicine 1985
Marybeth Thompson, BS Nursing 1988
Jeffrey Turner, BS Electrical Engineering 1980
Thomas Valcich, BS Mechanical Engineering 1989, MS Engineering Management 1995
Sue Vision, MS Information Studies 1986
John Waker, BS Business Administration 1980
Donald Ware, BS Electrical Engineering 1983
Linda Watson Patterson, BS Chemical Engineering 1983, MS Technology & Science Communication 1994


Elizabeth Bartle, MLIS Library & Information Science 1998
Bruce Breslin, BS History/Politics 1991
Russell Brown, BS Accounting 1995
Robert Brownell, AS Nursing 1995
Lauren Chapis Zurga, MLIS Library & Information Science 1991
Natalie Chepelevich Frye, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management 1998
Marven Chin, BS Mechanical Engineering 1993
Joyelyn Christie, BS Interior Design 1994
Robert Cunningham, BS Physician Assistant 1996
Joseph Francisco, MCAT Creative Arts in Therapy 1994
Adam Henschel, MS Library & Information Science 1994
Terrence Kent, AS Physical Therapist Assistant 1999
Jon Lauderdale, BS Physician Assistant 1997
Lisa Lind Klukiewski, AS Nursing 1994
John Meyers, MS Civil Engineering 1994
Milo Morris, BS Teacher Education 1996
Herbert Portney, BS Teacher Education 1996
Christine Rafferty Boruff, BS Accounting 1994
Elissa Ratcliff, AS Nursing 1991
William Smith, MS Library & Information Science 1993
Robert Steel, BS Mechanical Engineering 1990
Ranjan Subramanian, MBA Business Administration 1997
Margaret Tatro, MS Library & Information Science 1999
Eric Wayner, MBA Business Administration 1992


Craig Abresch, MS Library & Information Science 2008
Jeffrey Baldovich, BS Photography 2008
Annamarie Carr, BS Nutrition and Food Science 2001, MS Science of Instruction 2004
Renee Dorsey, BS Electrical Engineering 2009
Sameer Dutta, MS Finance 2001, MBA Business Administration 2001, PhD 2013
Victoria Funchess, BS Behavioral Counseling Sciences 2002
Lisa Luciotti, BS Health Services Administration 2008
Glenn Orr, BS Business Administration 2003
Kimberly O’Sullivan-Smith, MSN Nursing 2002


Samantha Blanford Williams, BS Chemical Engineering 2014
Janielle Hyde, MD Medicine 2011
Aleksandar Kecojevic, DPH Community Health & Prevention 2014
Thomas Lightfoot-Vidal, BS Biomedical Engineering 2017
Laura Lynch, BS Communication 2014
Matthew Perrone, BS Information Systems 2010
Deborah Silverman, BS Biological Sciences 2011


Cooper Teffeteller, BARCH Architecture 2023
Michael Tilley, MS Construction Management 2020