lenny skolnik

lenny skolnik

Lenard Skolnik (a.k.a. Yung Spielburg), 31
BS music industry ’11

Music producer and songwriter (Los Angeles)

My Greatest Accomplishment: Creating a space where artists feel inspired and safe to share their most intimate stories. I think something that is often taken for granted about music is the healing impact it can have for people who have suffered; I feel honored to provide artists with the opportunity to heal. In addition to the catharsis that occurs in the writing room, each song has the potential to touch and inspire millions of listeners around the world. I have worked on Grammy–winning and Recording Industry Association of America–certified platinum records. Many of my creative endeavors have been with the Japan-born musician, actor and philanthropist Miyavi. His duties as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador have brought us to refugee camps all over the globe. Since teaming up in 2016, we have produced and co-written five full-length albums together, working on our sixth now, as well as countless songs for film and television.

How Drexel Helped: My Drexel co-op with alumnus Howard Benson ’80 led to what is now a 10-year relationship that has shaped and supported my entire career. My meeting with him on Drexel’s campus opened the door to invaluable opportunities that have led to where I am today. Drexel continues to be a source of upcoming talent. Mentoring students for co-op each summer has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. I’d be remiss not to mention Associate Teaching Professor Ryan Schwabe (BS music ’02, MBA ’18), who truly has his finger on the talent pulse in Drexel’s Recording program. Schwabe is also the mastering engineer for many Miyavi records.

Where I’ll Be in Five Years: I hope to be doing exactly what I’m doing today with even more ability to reach an international audience of all generations and walks of life. This means Miyavi’s message, output and reach will have scaled. Along with music, my knowledge and efficacy in working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees grows with each mission.

“If I live to be 100, the change I’d most like to see in the world is…
advances in medicine to alleviate suffering from disease.”
— Lenard Skolnik