John Eisenbrey

John Eisenbrey

John Eisenbrey, 37
PhD biomedical engineering ’10

Associate professor of radiology, Thomas Jefferson University

My Greatest Accomplishment: Working with a talented and multi-disciplinary team to advance ultrasound therapies from the benchtop, though preclinical trials, and ultimately to the bedside. It is extremely gratifying to have the opportunity to watch a technology start in its infancy and ultimately help patients.

How Drexel Helped: Drexel provided me an excellent background in biomedical and clinical research, ultrasound and image-guided therapy. The knowledge and connections acquired during my PhD opened many doors for future research projects in health care. I continue to collaborate with many of my prior mentors at Drexel and have greatly benefited from these collaborations.

Where I’ll Be in Five Years: I hope to be continuing to work in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound, watching technology continue to advance and helping the clinical adoption of these technologies for improving patient care.

“If I live to be 100, the change I’d most like to see in the world is…
universal access to effective and cost-efficient theranostics.”
— John Eisenbrey