Becoming a Better You

In 2020, social distancing, at-home work and school, and the threat of COVID-19 thrust us into an unsettling new normal.

Self-care — the practice of protecting your wellbeing and happiness — is perhaps more important now than it’s ever been. And so, Drexel Alumni has prioritized bringing self-care opportunities such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to Dragons through convenient and complementary online programs.

From May to August, yoga instructors Tracey Morgado ’90 and Alumni Board of Governors member Christina Flory ’10 hosted a series of virtual yoga sessions for alumni. For Morgado, who has been teaching yoga for 23 years, it was a rewarding way to give back and to help her fellow Dragons relax and recharge.

“Especially now, being in tune with your body and mind is critical,” she says. “People need to be able to escape to just be with themselves and breathe.”

Morgado said teaching yoga for the first time virtually had its challenges, but it gave her more experience and confidence. “I always enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone.”

Mindfulness and meditation expert Tejal V. Patel ’04 hosted a webinar on how to build a family meditation practice, increase resilience and find balance. “The pandemic highlighted how ill-prepared and unaware we are of knowing how to help ourselves calmly navigate stress, big emotions and pressures,” she says.

Bobby Dalton G. Roy ’12 says he attended the webinar because the stress of working at the California Department of Education and pivoting to distance learning was manifesting physically and mentally.

“My cup was starting to feel empty; I needed to pour back into it before I could pour more from it,” says Roy. “Given the situation and environment we find ourselves in, I found the program to be very relevant and meaningful.”

Drexel Alumni plans to continue providing these resources to graduates by expanding its online health and wellness programming. Whether it’s physical fitness, mental health or emotional wellbeing — if you are an expert in a field related to self-care and would like to volunteer to host an upcoming event or produce an Instagram takeover, contact to share your background and ideas.


Tejal V. Patel ‘04


Tracey Morgado ‘90

This spring, more than 350 alumni turned to self-care programs led by fellow Dragons to help navigate a new normal.