Welcome to ‘The DAC 2.0’

Posted in From the DAC, Fall 2017

The next time you visit the Daskalakis Athletic Center for a game (and we hope to see you!), you’ll notice that things look a little different.

Started in July 2013 and completed in the fall of 2016, the renovations created a mix of new and improved spaces and features, marking the DAC’s first upgrades since the building opened in the ’70s. The goal of the project was to make the space more user-friendly for everyone — like the fans, visiting teams, the media and even the staff. Certain features, like the concession stand and merchandise shop, were always available on game days but were taken down when not in use. Others, like the bathrooms, media room and locker rooms for visiting teams, were located a floor or two below the court. Now, however, everything is on the same floor — and it’s all permanent.

Main Entrance

You know you’re going to see Dragons as soon as you walk into the new lobby — the yellow eyes and blue skin of a dragon watching the front entrance is kind of hard to miss. Below, in the space where the dragon’s mouth would be, is the concession stand, which used to be freestanding and is now a permanent fixture.

Mario the Dragon

In total, the renovations affected:

36,500 square feet

36 separate spaces