Golden Dragons Remember

Drexel is still a place where classes are tough, lasting connections between classmates are strong and students leave as alumni equipped with tools to help them take on the world. In honor of their 50-year reunion, members of the Class of 1966 shared some of their memories.


Skip Keever and I connected quite well on the [lacrosse] field. The highlight came in a game against Towson. Between us we had 11 goals in a Drexel victory. The Baltimore newspaper billed us as the Keever/Reever Vaudeville team. The article said Skip had six goals and I had five. I think it was the other way around, but who cares now!
Frederick (Fred) Reever

Disco BallSybil and I actually dated while I was still at Drexel and we can still remember dancing up a storm at the balls and lively parties at the TKE house. This year we will be celebrating our 48th anniversary.
Bob Drummond

Our instructor began passing back our first test results from highest to lowest. The guy sitting next to me got a 65, the guy sitting on the other side of me got a 60, and I was still waiting expectantly for my paper. I got a 55 on that test and began my Drexel academic career in a somewhat dubious fashion.
Daniel (Dan) Furlong

My final great experience was traveling to Europe with the Drexel Varsity Singers – a trip that changed my life. Having the opportunity to visit five countries, perform for many people and actually live with European families was world opening to me. My future husband, Joseph Wysocki, was also a member of the choir and we both shall always be indebted to Drexel for the 1966 Varsity Singers Tour.
Carolyn Blair Wysocki

Philly PretzelI distinctly remember most lunches at Drexel – two Philadelphia pretzels at 20 cents each, with or without mustard.
John (Jack) Fox

Drexel Great Court 1966Between classes, I remember occasionally playing basketball in my socks in the small gym on the upper floor of the Main Building. Being non-Greek, I also remember hanging out around the balconies on the second and third floors, watching the interactions amongst the sorority and fraternity members in the Great Court. I remember water balloon fights in the Abbott Building, touch football games against the mechanical engineers on weekends and the small cafeteria down in the Main Building basement.
Randall (Randy) Wrigley

A lot has changed at Drexel in the past 50 years — from its name to its campus to a host of new courses, programs and technologies. Yet some things remain the same.