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Each year when we publish our annual feature on alumni under 40, we get a certain question, from certain quarters: “What about the rest of us?”

It’s a fair question. With more than 150,000 active alumni from all walks of life, Drexel has tons of graduates who are over 40, over 50, even well past retirement and still resolutely awesome, with fascinating stories to tell. And while people seem to like the 40 Under 40 — alumni responding to our readership survey last year singled it out more than any other as their favorite feature — no small number of you mentioned that even though you enjoy reading about young alumni, you feel a little overlooked.

To those folks I have to say that I don’t think a “40 and Above” program is going to happen.

But I hear you.

If you share this feeling, we’re planning a series of stories next fall that maybe you can get on board with. Education at Drexel is all about experiencing things firsthand, up close and real. And we know our alumni are the ultimate doers.

And we want to talk about that. What have you done that was an experience unlike any other? What have you seen that few people get to see? What can you do that most people can’t?

That’s the angle. Tell us what it was like. What is it like to fight a fire? Write a best-selling novel? Fly in a space mission? Make your first million?

Drexel alumni have done it all, at one time or another, so let’s hear about it. Send a sentence or two to magazine@drexel.edu; we’ll take care of the rest.

Needless to say, there’s no age limit.

I’m hoping to hear from you. In the meantime, thank you for reading.

Sonja Sherwood / Editor


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