Daniel Conway

Dan Conway

BS music industry ’11

Senior Vice President, eCommerce Strategy & Innovation, Universal Music Group (Philadelphia)

Age 34


My Greatest Accomplishment:

Helping to scale a small music startup in Philadelphia to acquisition by the largest music company in the world, while maintaining our fundamental vision of helping artists build meaningful and lasting relationships with their fans.

How Drexel Helped Me:

Drexel helped teach me how to operate outside of the classroom. My professors managed real businesses, so we very rarely spoke theoretically. A majority of our classes were structured around an in-house record label that partnered with artists to release real music. The co-op program helped build my initial network that I leveraged as I graduated.

Where I Hope to Be in Five Years:

In an environment and culture that pushes me to grow, adopt new ideas and further pursue my passion.

The Change I Would Most Like to See in the World:

People practicing kindness toward one another.