Kathleen Maleski-Yadeski

Kathleen Maleski-Yadeski

PhD materials science and engineering ’20

Lead Scientist, General Electric (Niskayuna, New York)

Age 30

My Greatest Accomplishment:

Becoming an author! My first book was written when I was in elementary school, titled “Meet Kathy Newman,” as an entry into the Scholastic Publishing “Kids Are Authors” contest. My second book, “Happiness in HandFULLs: Part 1,” was published in 2015, and it is a collection of short stories focused on happiness. My technical authorship began in 2016, and I have co-authored 50 peer-reviewed publications [in Chemistry of Materials and Advanced Optical Materials, for example] and contributed to two book chapters with researchers from all over the world.

How Drexel Helped Me:

Drexel helped me build my foundation as a scientist and leader. It takes knowledge and practice to develop the confidence to trust your own ideas and the method by which you will prove they are legitimate or not. Drexel provided many opportunities for real-world practice, and I am grateful for those experiences.

Where I Hope to Be in Five Years:

I hope I have continued to grow as a materials scientist/ceramist and expand what’s possible in the aerospace field. I also hope I have learned more about sewing, gardening and, specifically, how to change the oil in my car.

The Change I Would Most Like to See in the World:

I would like to see a balance between technological innovation and natural ways of living. It’s a tricky equilibrium, but we must find a way.