A Campus and Industry Nexus

Posted in Crosswalk, Winter/Spring 2019, News Briefs

lebow hall

Gerri C. LeBow Hall will house the Drexel Business Solutions Institute.

Combining academics with co-op and industry connections is what Drexel does best, and LeBow College of Business took those relationships a step further this year with the launch of the Drexel Business Solutions Institute. The institute, in partnership with the Steinbright Career Development Center, will draw upon faculty and students from across the University to provide organizations with talent pipelines and development solutions, and with interdisciplinary research-based solutions to business and societal challenges. By supporting comprehensive partnerships with industry, the institute will help create more relevant interdisciplinary programs and enable firms to effectively address their needs. The institute will also be Drexel’s gateway for industry to reframe co-op partnerships, and its work will have a direct, beneficial impact on students’ experience by fostering a business-solutions approach that better prepares them for success in a rapidly changing society.

“We look forward to its leveraging Drexel’s extensive assets to enhance the University as a center of innovative learning and high-impact research,” says President John Fry of the institute.